Difficulties in Training My Replacement

As I move into my official job title – I can’t help but feel annoyed I haven’t been able to do the handover training properly. I also feel like due to outside influences, now as handover day looms, I’ve done my best and from herein it won’t be my problem. My workplace takes these things semi-seriously.

My trainer was next to useless and provided very little real information (or had very little time/refusal to answer my questions). From an email I recently read from the trainer – I am assuming this relates to the fact I was originally meant to be at the workplace short term. Now that would’ve been an OK excuse in my mind too – however, I am actually there for a lot longer… and my current boss is starting to take notice of my trainer’s lack of proper training. At no stage has my current boss made this into my fault – because simple things like passwords required for computer files (which I NEED to do the job) have not been handed over to me. Or basic processes like who gets what paperwork and in what colour file weren’t taught to me because “you won’t be doing that” – ended up doing that quite a few times. When I mention I don’t know how to do this (to explain to the person doing the job I am leaving) it’s a look of “for fucks sake”. My boss doesn’t seem to like the trainer.

My successor got the job I’m in (and appears on the surface not to be the preference) because of how the workplace goes. I’m kind of glad I get better hours but the job I move into will be basic. My new boss seems ok but his team aren’t friendly/helpful. I’m going to give it a go but move back into what I’m currently doing if I am unhappy.

I’m not entirely unhappy to move but the role I am doing is waaay better. But I am happy to be handing over the reigns.

Anyway, my successor is supposed to be doing some form of training and there’s been radio silence. Successor does the same job for someone else – but this job is slightly different. I am cool with however successor wants to be trained but I am aware they only got the job from who they worked with. So there seems to be this “oh you didn’t get to stay in the office pernamently” attitude and a lot of two faced-gossiping about other workers from the successor – which is causing some people to blank me for no reason?

SO said I should be more forceful when talking about the training but the successor only needs to read a fucking book now. How hard is that? I can’t hand hold and don’t want to be seen as interfering.

Seeing the trainer and the successor have been all buddy-buddy up each other’s asses is weird and unprofessional. Trainer is in their 30s and should know better. Successor is early 20s and show grow up and be more gracious.