My First Resident Evil 7 Playthrough (Guest House to Yard – SCARY) – SOME SPOILERS

For someone like me (the biggest scaredy cat ever) – playing a pure psychological horror game can be a bit too much. The premise of the game is about getting out of a house and getting your wife back.  The visuals are so atmospheric I am not capable of playing this game with sound. This game is simply not like all the other Resident Evil games (which from RE4-RE6 were pure action and shoot the zombies). 

Here is my review with minor spoilers – as I play the game….

I’ve been playing this game with minimal gore (I played with some gore and it was becoming all a bit too much for the fear factor). 

The game starts with you looking for your wife and then you end up (after a few years) getting an email from her…. Personally when I saw the spooky house, I thought the protagonist should ditch the bitch and run away from this motherfucking scary house!

The tutorial level (if you can call it that) is set in the guest house. So thankfully no family members – but the threat of them being around does set the tone. You find your wife (who has been locked up and is a bit disorientated). She’s not telling you much about what she did in the last few years. She keeps telling you (Daddy/Jack Baker) is coming and you’re trying to get her stupid ass out of the house. Personally bolting with the car at the front gate would’ve been ideal for me. My dear significant other said I was heartless (I am playing the game with him as I’m not able to do it alone).

So anyway the stupid wife leads you to a trap and she’s possessed. She uses a chainsaw to chop off your hand. Seriously a divorce would have been a great idea a few years ago.

Anyway the “daddy” does come along and he “welcomes you into the family”… and the horror begins. You end up at a family meal and you’re not able to leave the house because you’re infected. Oh and you were invited to the worst dinner party EVER.

The best/worst thing about the first floor is not having weapons until you find them. While this is clever – dodging Jack Baker in the first few rooms….you can’t kill him. He kills off your only chance of outside intervention (police officer who gives you a pissy knife). Clever me didn’t use that many walkthroughs (I have a puzzle brain and worked things out pretty quickly) – but the anticipation he will return is too much.

It’s pretty obvious who the game villain is and the house is not going to pass anyone’s rental inspections. You have to creep around and find puzzles to complete the game. I figured out pretty quickly the devil is in the detail. It adds to the story.

So without spoiling too much, the Bakers are not traditionally killable. So you have quite a few family fights with the same member in each area. So far I did the first 3/4 rounds with Jack (the dad) and I am now able to escape to the back yard.

Save points are also limited. Which is great in terms of a challenge (and when you need to take a real life break and take a shower) but suck because you often have to redo a challenge you may have lost.

One question I do have – in regards to the trailer, how does the girl on the phone help the other victims out?