Resident Evil 7 is SCARY

I bought this game before my post-Australia Day binge drinking, spewing and hangover.

I am currently out of the house and in the yard. I’m about to meet Mrs. Baker in the old house – she’s not a very good cook. She also chucked the shits when the hero didn’t want to eat her human dinner. The house is so freaky you never know what is around the corner…

This game is not like RE4 or RE5 or even RE6. This is pure survival horror! It has the trademarks of being in a haunted house/environment and then you have to get out with your wife. Who is a beserk cunt who keeps trying to kill you (and went missing for 3 years) and is being possessed by the Bakers.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 IS FUCKING SCARY – YOU HAVE NO WEAPONS IN THE GAME (UNTIL LATER ON), THE BAKER FAMILY ARE SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP (Although the plot twist is pretty obvious because the dad, Jack Baker is telling the hero how to survive the house). If I didn’t pre-youtube walkthroughs I wouldn’t scare myself too much.

My neighbours were throwing stuff at the house and they caused such a loud bang – I thought the house was being broken into…while playing this game…

SO can be a dickhead, when he knows I can be a scaredy cat about horrible things. I am also masohistic which is why I continue playing these games. He does creepy hiding stuff and sits in a dark corner and waits for me to pass. WTF WTF.

Sober or not – I will NOT be playing this game alone. The atmospheric vibe they created was so effective that I am not subjecting myself to nightmares.