Australia Day Working Week!

It’s a public holiday week in Australia (well you have to work the week but you get a nice day off in the middle of it all!) SO and I have finally been invited out to some parties this weekend, SO’s postgraduate/work schedules have finally cleared, we can have a date night AND did I mention short working week?! A majority of my coworkers are not around for the week and took it as a giant long ass week. Me being a newbie – I don’t get that luxury yet (it’s my first real job where I am entitled to take days off and can accrue them). Considering I took a lot of time off last year (to sort out former workplace problems, doing interviews and being mentally rundown from workplace bullying) I am trying to save those days for when it counts. I would like to take a holiday early this year (and I know SO is hanging out for a long week or even a fortnight of going somewhere – even overseas).

Today I was tasked with starting a wishing well for someone who is dying. It was really hard to find the right words to start the wishing well…and it’s a bit hard to hear about death. It’s not a concept I am feeling 100000% happy about (and it gives me the heeby geevies). I think I did right though and wisely got a few opinions to make sure I wasn’t putting any upsetting references on the wishing well card. I don’t pretend i am the most attuned to other people’s feelings; I am not rude – I just have some other shit to do if I don’t like the person or just busy (keeping my head down at work is hard…being good and quiet is harder LOL). I am staying away from any triggers for workplace drama. It’s working so far but working to drama free is hard!

As I move closer into the new job, I find people aren’t as friendly and more short when addressing me. People aren’t being nasty per say….but they aren’t going out of their way to invite me to lunch or acknowledge me in any informal conversations (I would love someone to invite me into a conversation that DOESN’T involve a work issue). People aren’t really receptive outside the cliques to weekend-polite-chit-chat. I’ve already rehashed the age clique and the racial cliques…and also the fact that the successor got the job with some powerful backup (higher up trained successor in how to ace the interview). It’s like being a newbie and a newbie going to another office (in the same workplace) means not so shiny and new toy anymore. It’s life and it happens!

I’m also finding the person who trained me (and quite frankly sucked at it and left out a whole bunch of stuff) to be grinding today. Something about this trainer comes across as sickly sweet (not overtly nasty) but I feel like it could be a front. Trainer has been avoiding me and openly won’t say hello to me but will to other staff, members in my area. I get this big ass formal email about why my successor doesn’t need a run down on something that is a daily part of the successor’s/my job. It’s fucking common sense and I wonder why this person is going to be paid more money than me!

Since the trainer got her old role back (I don’t know the story behind it and don’t care) – the attitude is small but noticable. I got a very shittly worded email today when I asked the trainer to fill the blanks about the training manual for my successor. I‘m going to take SO’s advice and remember not to engage in petty email fights and the fact that the trainer’s lack of training skills (or will power to help me train the successor – by telling the successor things about the job I can’t do) is on the trainer. Like if I was training someone, it didn’t matter whether this person was internal or external; they are new and need to learn ALL of the job role. Not cherry picked bits and a half-assed written manual than the trainer has come up with and omitted a good three quarters of the job role from… It’s frustrating but I have to remember not on me. I also remembered hearing from the grapevine my trainer had issues with my boss and my boss may have (originally from what my boss said to me) wanted me to stay on with no successor….but I was meant to be elsewhere and not a placeholder! And very soon the trainer will not be my problem 🙂 🙂

What also has been pissing me off – finding out someone who is the same age as me is on a higher income (like a few other people in the workplace). If they are earning that for a specific role then why can’t I be offered that too? I am hoping the “future opportunities” and promise of a job promotion better ring out to be true this year. In the mean time, I’ve decided I am going to try out the new role (no complaining in public – except blogging and this also means no bitching to SO)- and I am seriously that unhappy in the year – I would move upwards into another role or apply within the same company for a higher paying transfer – something I bloody deserve! Also in the mean time, seeing how being a chatty person worked for my successor – I will try to be extra positive and build some contacts in the workplace…

I’ve decided to gym locally to work as a way of possibly making the middle of the week exciting. Mondays are great and busy – but middle of the week commitments DRAG.

SO said he gets my feelings about a “demotion” in your career and how things can be not-very-nice for a newbie. As previously blogged, SO is working in a new job (after many many years with his old boss). I feel a bit sorry for SO because he doesn’t get a great commute and he doesn’t get to think about the idea of working out in the middle of the day… But for SO – he moved on to better himself; well I was let go/fired from my previous job but I still want to move up!

One thing that does keep me (mentally) going during the day is seeing SO at night, weekends and wedding planning. i want to live though not just for the weekends and fuck life by… it’s fuel for thought.