I Enjoy a Busy Monday!

A lot of my work in Monday/beginning-of-the-week-centric;  things usually go a lot quicker for me.

I find Wednesdays and Thursdays a bit hard – most people often go away for lunch or some wellness course (some people like running or bicycling). From when I got to the office, my boss was in busy mode and I literally had minutes to drop my bag and get to work….pair this with technology failures in the middle of multiple meetings. (luckily this wasn’t me fucking around with the computer but the IT department broke the internet…and everything else server wise/user access wise connected to it).

With most people fucking off for coffee or longer lunches; it would have been nice (if my work at that point was all up to date) to have the technology failures for a little bit longer. Someone could have cut the internet cords or something! In my spare few minutes (my sad lonely lunch times) I was engaging in calls and stressful wedding planning on a stringent budget. Some places in our town have ridic prices like $20,000.

People (despite not making any offers to invite me to lunch) have been joking about the fact I eat alone – sometimes (when working in a HUGE office with lots of people) it can hard to think/be myself/just get on with work…but at other times I wouldn’t mind having a work friend to talk to. I’ve tried a few conversations but people don’t seem that willing to engage in longer conversation. SO says I might not be trying hard enough (which can be a bit blase considering I am a very naturally quiet/shy person). Now with my new job in the near horizon; I’ve noticed a small different in how people in my immediate area treat me. It’s like “you’re short term” (not in those words at all but by tone of voice) and my successor has been more engaged with things. I don’t think I’ve deliberately insulted anyone or engaged in gossip so I hope it’s just that line of reasoning!

It also means (on the flipside) that I move into my “real” new job soon. I haven’t really been seen or welcomed by my new teammates – I did previously blog about asking around and hearing they are “OK”. I still feel like with other people in my similar position getting higher paying jobs and I end up with a lower paid, repetitive job – which is insulting because I work hard than the other 2. 1 is more chatty and the other one has panic attacks and tends to “suck up” (and did a piss poor job at training me in the current job) IMO.

They are both nice enough people but it’s nothing more than short conversations about work…I don’t go to work for a BFF but I work in the office for more than 40 hours a week…some engagement would be appreciated.

In regards to my new team – I am nervous about getting someone like the bully from the old workplace in my team. Outside of my current area; staff attitudes are very different and not very friendly or engaged. It’s very cliquey. I am also worried about decreasing my potential earnings from doing a “lower” paying job. At the moment, I have more responsibility and longer hours (which are a serious bore) BUT the work is using my brain and thinking on my feet. Sitting at a computer doing a lot of repetitive work (like I did at my former workplace Fort Asshole) could be a) boring as hell b) stopping me in the future from going onto higher paying jobs that involve more thinking (because I am great at problem solving sort of jobs) c) making people think [like they did when I was interviewed last year] that I am just pigeonholed into one type of work (which is lower paying).


I was promised last week that I would (verbally) be taken on after my short term contract ends and probably in a different capacity. With a shitty desk and not-very-friendly team (so far because I don’t want to slag them off) – I am not seeing the current appeal. People in my family and SO are telling me to stick at it – which I will but I have postgrad qualifications. I need to be doing more than low level work. It is my idea of personal hell. I have said that if I don’t get/find what I am looking for – that I intend to go elsewhere. I think to try counteract this (and to get them to follow through on their promises for “better” work [that better be at the same level of wages I am currently earning] which should be mid-year).

SO seems to think that when I say “I’ll look elsewhere” means I will quit instantly the day my contract ends. That’s definitely not the case. I will be looking elsewhere and smoothly transitioning into appropriate work. I might be picky about what I do for work but unemployment is certainly NOT a viable option. However, SO also fails to realise that if my contract isn’t renewed because there is no work – then I won’t get a say on any “future opportunities” at my current workplace. I want to work hard, progress and actually make the use of my qualifications/skills not go backwards…