Weird Excuses People Use to Avoid Meetings at Work

This week has been “listening to other people’s bullshit” week. Here are 10 excuses which have prevented me from doing work and/or getting home on time (after working very very long hours):

  • I need to pick my school kids up from school  – said to avoid 9am sharp meeting. Currently, nowhere in Australia has kids back at school. It is the school holidays for most of January.
  • I can only do meetings at the same time every week (and spends time drinking coffee or not at their desk drinking coffee).
  • I don’t know how to do it. Can’t you sit in that meeting for me?
  • *Treats me as their bloody receptionist of secretary when that’s not my job*
  • “I don’t know” (this person who refuses to offer any alternatives to anything)
  • I need to go exercise


Seriously any whingers can go fuck off lol…after this horrible, long week (and the January blues)