Familial Nemesis Wedding Drama

The familial nemesis and I are getting married in the same year (quelle drama! well maybe for me and it was supposed to be last year for her until she had a baby) – and apparently select family members are getting invited to the wedding….whereas on the other hand here I am trying to get to know my family members better (sans nemesis) and not pretending to be some rich keeping up with the joneses asshole with first class international flights and being a materialistic show-offy asshole. The funny thing is…after all the cunty things my nemesis has done to me – the family members might go to my wedding over hers. I can’t afford international first class flights or 24/7 designer lifestyle (like my nemesis can) but I am not a raging asshole to people and mind my own business (most of the time…)

When I heard my cousin (who is close with the nemesis) had fallen out with her – I WANTED TO KNOW THE DRAMA! I wanted to read the gossip and eat some popcorn but I got very little out of my cousin. Internally I was thinking (about my cousin’s lack of good or interesting gossip) “OMG what use are you for gossip!”

When I was being all mature and “I don’t really want to rehash history” – I was secretly hoping my cousin would tell me SOMETHING juicy. But no, I say nothing and be the mature adult (even when I get told gossip). I would enjoy giving my nemesis the metaphorical finger (because I have a feeling my cousin may tell the nemesis what I say – but then again I couldn’t give a flying fuck about that nemesis bully).

But if she is aware of the facebook spying or knows I am the one doing it (because the nemesis told her) – I think my cousin could be on a tight leash in terms of giving me some good gossip. Damn facebook if it tells her that I facebook spy on my nemesis.

Omg… I have heard bits and pieces about the nemesis and what an epic cunt she can be/is (still looks like nothing has changed from her days of threatening me). The general consensus is her family (who dislike me because of my parents) have become extremely snobby and my nemesis thinks marrying a wealthy person gives her the right to be entitled and pretend she has no family (considering my cousins lived with the nemesis for years and they were all bloody good buddies when they were attacking me as a teenager) – this meant they were banned from seeing her recently born baby and banned from the wedding and christening. And a whole bunch of language that the precious, favourited nemesis “would NEVER EVER USE BEFORE” (which I would call bullshit because my nemesis called me at home randomly one day to abuse me and call me a freak, sent me a whole bunch of abusive messages BEFORE the spying started (we were teenagers) and threatened me).

I’ve seen pictures from the recent event when my cousin hasn’t been able to do so (not that i was going to tell my cousin I know how to use publicly put information to my knowledge and my facebook spying skills are LEGENDARY). Well it’s all a bit sad to see someone’s true colours…but it was an internal “I told you all she’s a cunt” moment. SO said it looked like my nemesis lived up to her reputation as being a brat. I’m sorry not sorry for thinking she’s a cunt.