Elle Returns to the Gym for 2017

Words I thought I would never say….I want to get back to the gym.

Because I was fired/let go last year – I wasn’t in a position towards the holiday season, to be able to afford my gym membership. So it’s pretty obvious that when you’re struggling (At the time) to make rent or bills; you’re not going to be starving yourself or skipping out on commitments just because you want to look good.

Admittedly while I went crazy with the Christmas meals (I was invited to a few different things and SO and I went nuts on the gourmet food – which is very rare for SO because he usually whines if he doesn’t eat right or “feels fat”) – I don’t feel like I am putting all that lost weight back on and I’m really worried I could. I don’t think people can live on a starvation/restriction yo-yo diet. I certainly can’t and need to get back on track with my triggers (junk food).

While I was broke over Christmas (and couldn’t afford to reinstate my membership) SO suggested I do a walking commute to my workplace.

I won’t say or pretend I do this every day – thankfully I am a position at the moment, where I can walk a lot or take stairs or move around my new office. I enjoy not being at my desk (and it is an extrovert friendly workplace where everyone has an open plan, your computer is exposed and people constantly talk and mill about [for a poor introvert like me it’s not really good with how I work – I like to hide in a corner and not worry about people watching me/what I’m doing] – but I don’t like being monitored while I work). I still feel like whoever invented the open office plan was a fucking asshole. So when I feel like it, I take up on SO’s suggestion –  sometimes (when the weather isn’t too overwhelming) enjoy a good brisk walk home. Sometimes the walk goes through a scenic route and take some time to smell the roses. Australian governments have this ad campaign which is called “take 30” – doing 30 minutes of exercise a day. So I’m easily doing that when I walk home.

With summer currently here, I have been walking home in my work outfit; sometimes I come home with bad chaffing and leg sores. Walking in the heat is the main thing that sets my skin off (and my poor skin hates summer – I don’t break out as much but my skin goes to shit and my facialist constantly bitches about how my pores are showing). These are sooo painful when I come home – sometimes my skin goes raw and sticks together. I used to have this problem on a near daily basis when I was heavier. Now I lost some of the gained weight – chaffing happens to me (MAYBE) once or twice every few weeks. When I was skinnier (and for most of my life I was skinner) I never had my legs stuck together (thigh gap helped…) and I would prefer to be “body ready” like that again.


As I was commuting to work, I noticed there was a gym next to my workplace. It’s not one of those company run gyms but one of those “small” franchise gyms (probably owned by a family or local state business group). I have decided I don’t like the idea of eating shit and possibly putting weight on – so I am going to be stepping in (when I am not at work) and I am going to be getting a membership. The cost of the memberships looks really good so far.

I would hope to go in after work (I am not a morning person and I am not going to pretend I am going to the gym in the morning like SO does) and train with some weights before I go home. I may get a new trainer (after my last trainer didn’t really touch base with me and I felt that was impersonal and soooo money hungry considering I had been using their services for 2 years!)

I am also hoping to get some new gymming clothes. I have lost weight and my old clothes don’t fit as good anymore. My motivation for looking great/being healthy is a bit more than having health problems or looking good simply for my wedding (or revenge body if there is no wedding this year). 

SO told me that my ex-personal trainer has tanked now and that clients are (collectively) running away from my ex-gym – with so many people losing jobs and lots of increases with tax – people simply cannot afford it! I don’t blame them because I am in the same boat… I feel like that if my ex-personal trainer had been more personable (or sincere) then people wouldn’t have left so suddenly.