Things I’ve Noticed in My New Workplace

I’ve been in my new job for a short while and I’ve decided to come up with a list of things I’ve noticed and things that are different from my former workplace…

I have formed some likes/dislikes of some of my new coworkers

I think it’s a random mix – about 60%-40% of people I feel I could like and get along with vs. a few faces that I immediately felt put off by.

There were a few really nice people who welcomed me and I have warmed up a little too. Some of these people are clearly extroverts and more chatty/outgoing than me. I still make the effort to say good morning to everyone and goodbye if asked/responded to.

I have definitely noticed a few racial cliques (they are bigger in this workplace) and some of those racial cliques are very unfriendly. Because it’s a big working environment – it’s not a huge deal that I don’t like everyone or know everyone.

A few people treated me like a maid (it’s not my job) and were “ordering me around” or not being specific when they wanted help with office stuff. Those sorts of “orders” are something you’d do with a receptionist or a low level staffer. My office “ranking” is a lot higher than this and it’s not really a position where you want to piss off/antagonize the person in that role. I’ve seen in other workplaces that if you piss off the wrong key people – they can make things very difficult for you. I’m not like that but I’m not anyone’s glorified receptionist or low level staffer.

One girl was like I want to buy this – gave really vague instructions about what it was she wanted -so I went to buy the item and then she turns around and bitches about it (on my second day). There wasn’t a thank you or acknowledge she got the item – in fact she doesn’t respond when I say good morning to her and doesn’t say goodbye. I feel like I am trying to show a different/positive me in this new environment and people like that can go kiss it. That girl is part of what I call “the cool kids clique” where the younger workers all go hang out together etc… (and god knows where they go/do – they aren’t often at their desks).


Minimal Food Police

No one really judges you for what you eat and you can eat at your desk! People often comment on how nice my home cooked meals smell.

The diet police don’t appear to be about and no one guilts you into morning teas or your weight. There are only 1 or 2 vegans so there is less of this food rules crap too. They know they are outnumbered by meat eaters and don’t whinge too much about meat. There’s a handful of foodies (like me) and they did offer me stuff -but since I had eaten lunch and forgot to go get some food (I forgot 😦 ) I didn’t get to try their stuff out. To fit in more at this workplace, I am going to say yes to some foodie gourmet stuff next time.

The toilets are pretty clean!

Someone in my former workplace use to shit on the walls and pissed blood over the floor. Funny story I got the workplace bully to clean that up because I told them cleaning shit and piss wasn’t in my duties and I wasn’t hired to be a communal cleaner (they did try to get me to do it).

It was like a demonic ritual or some freaky shit. I remember quoting an article where it said the state of the toilets in your workplace show how the workers feel. I think that applies!

There are plenty of modern, clean toilets and they actually look like they are getting cleaned daily. In my old workplace, there was a cleaner who had been with that organisation for years but clearly wasn’t doing their job. So the toilets wouldn’t smell like bleach or they would do ‘shortcuts’ and toilet paper wouldn’t be replaced for days. I saw someone had thrown toliet paper all over the floor today; but this seems to be the exception rather than common (unlike my former workplace).

It also helps cleaners visit semi frequently and they have those shaming signs to make sure you get guilted if you fuck up the nice toilets.

*Most* people say thank you when you help them out

This is something very different from my last workplace (I blogged about not getting credit in the past).When you aren’t credited for your work; it makes you feel like shit and unvalued. Consider ALLLLLL the things that happened in the godforsaken snake pit hell hole – when I was credited or complimented for my work – it was really hard (and still is) to accept the compliment. Cynical me thinks maybe because I’m still somewhat new that this might be a friendly thing (and later on I won’t be showered with praise). I feel better about my work and getting back some old work confidence (plus not feeling physically ill in the morning has been a lot better for me).


I really hope I can maintain a positive attitude about this new workplace 🙂