Slaving Away At Work

Today barely anyone was at work. I find open offices to be really stressful- and I am really really introverted – so I enjoyed not having someone near my personal space or breathing down my neck every 20 seconds. Whoever decided open offices were a “thing” probably took some ideas from 1984 about controlling the populace a la Big Brother style. Despite having to be in a large room with more unknown people (I take awhile to get used to people and I am very shy – so when someone says hi and I say hi – I don’t really know who the fuck I am talking to. I do try to make a habit of saying good morning to everyone because it’s not my previous workplace and they mostly seem unassholely.)


Before Christmas broke, I was asked to come back and do this mass email task. I actually had to youtube (and study tutorials) about how to do this email merging – it’s a fairly simple concept if you have a separate database via excel with your names/emails/message. To make sure I wasn’t fucking up something that was going to be sent out in public (to public customers) I did a few test runs with my coworkers. It all went OK. Then the person who asked me to do the task was like “oh no we forgot to give you the attachment and the database where we got the customers is a mess!”

Mess is fucking right lol. So this database is pulled from excel – which is temperamental as anything if you get one fucking bit of data wrong. I spent pre-Christmas holidays spending 3 hours on a database which wasn’t 100%. I had to make sure there was one customer, one address, one ID number and one email. The data was everywhere and some genius had the idea of putting multiple customer emails in the same cell WITHOUT SPACES. NIGHTMARE FUEL for someone like me – who likes doing data entry – but I hate messy data. It just fucks with what I am good at – and I am like an excel nazi when it comes to giving me data. The person who gave me the task, also had a look online with me, and we both came to the conclusion that it would be better, to send it out on my first day back at work.

Somehow between Person 1 telling me to do it on the first day back – I get in to work early this morning and Person 2 (who had no dealings with me prior) is like “when are you going to do it!” and was doing this a few times in the morning. I was like “the database needed to be fixed up – it took some time to correct – now the next job is getting this email to send properly because I don’t want to send incorrect info out”. I stressed multiple times because we couldn’t figure out how to send the attachment WITHOUT purchasing 3rd party programmes – microsoft wasn’t going to let me use email merge unless I did all entries individually.

Because I was under pressure to get a mass email merge out – the computer froze when I was simply trying to save the email draft. So instead of saving all the emails – it sent like 30 without the attachment. I told Person 2 this and there was no mental acknowledgement this wasn’t going to be a click and send project.


I went through a range of emotions as I tried to prevent myself from having a mini nervous breakdown over doing 6 hours of email data entry.

When he kept asking me about so-and-so getting an email without an attachment. I wanted to punch my computer – internally in my head – it was like, I am not an octopus and I can only type so many emails in one hour (for the record I can do 130-150 emails in an hour). There was no consideration that I spent the day doing this project and it was like I am a robot. I was feeling pretty exhausted, stressed, pissed off and I needed to eat/pee and walk around the office. I was glued to my desk all day today! I wanted to cry or get someone to help me with doing the 900 emails. Like people were laughing at me and walked off…. that’s cold!

If I were an octopus…this is probably the only kind I’d look like:

In comparison to being able to do everything at once octopus (I think octopi are fucking evil):

They are evil and scary looking.

Even when I told Person 2 I had finished – there wasn’t like any form of acknowledgement of the time *I* spent double checking everyone manually! 900 emails with attachments and different info is fucking hard solo!

I was so annoyed about the whole email merge – like every other email provider doesn’t need 3rd party programmes to send fucking attachments via microsoft word. Had it not been for the requirement of the attached document – I would have not spent 6 hours doing that repetitive job and it would have taken MINUTES. GRRRR…

I am really happy that it’s going to be a short working week but really unhappy that it will be busy from next week… *cry*