The Quiet Holidays

This holiday season (especially compared to the massive Christmas last year!) was a quiet one and not doing much! I am not the sit still kind of person. SO and I both tossed up whether we would go to an NYE party.

With a lot of adult responsibilities – it was about sorting those out over going to parties and having an exciting action packed (all booked out) holiday season.  We also have other things we are both doing in the upcoming month so it had to be a 50-50 balance.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent a week or two not doing anything…I think going back to work will be stressful because I don’t like the early wake up calls and I also don’t like having my day scheduled for me. But work money is money for stuff I/we like.

….and I also like keeping myself busy (I am only starting to remember the list of things I need to do when I get back…) It is really weird to remember I am going back to work and not doing the Christmas contract anymore.

My family didn’t stress me out as much I thought they would – with one notable exception – typical dramatic/attention seeking behaviour from my mother. Another thing which is shitting me off is not going to the gym and my poor Christmas diet…Both SO (who is notoriously food shaming/anxious about his weight) and I feel incredibly guilty for going all out for Christmas and throwing the diet out the window.

Oops…we will be rectifying that in 2017 (which also happens to be today…)