FF15 Part 2 (With Spoilers)

I’ve had some time over the Christmas holidays to play my new game FF15. Since we pretty much spent a lot of time and effort and money on people – the PS4 has been the shiny toy that SO and I are taking turns playing. I am pleasantly surprised we are taking turns – but then again we are also playing one player games because we get too nasty and competitive (well at least I do) if we play vs. games.

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After playing for 50 hours (which I’ll never get back *sob*) I am 8/14 chapters into this game. In the span of 14 days, I have almost finished this game, and found the main storyline is really short! The main appeal is the extra missions and fun hobbies – although I have to admit they don’t REALLY add much to the main story or the characters. I would personally expect to finish this game by early January. Just in time for FF12 Zodiac edition to come out and Resident Evil 7.

I actually thought this game was going to be a bit like the story of Hamlet. Or even Romeo and Juliet…. but I feel the creators of FF15 were pinching different things…so at least at this stage apart from the prince’s quest to get his throne back and avenge his dad (remember this is a male centric game because father/son was an important theme to the creators) – it is also about the deaths of the hero and heroine.


  • I found it really easy to level up ONCE I worked out you need to save your points and THEN go to a hotel. So you don’t go to the hotel each night – you need to go do missions for like 5-10 days.
  • The car radio is super cool. It is fun (but the music is soft) to hear old FF songs.
  • The soundtrack for FF15 is amazing. It is very orchestral. Especially with dungeon music, boss music and main events 😦
  • The 4 friends doing stuff storyline is cool 🙂 It works for me – it doesn’t NEED a female character thrown in there but it would’ve been nice to have a character that isn’t a stereotype or annoying.
  • Cooking is a cool skill – seeing different food combos. Such a pity you couldn’t do it outside of camping!
  • Cool antagonist (Arryn) – knowing that I know the ending – it is good to pay attention to his behaviours to see why he does stuff. No one is that nice to let you go around the world…and follow you….
  • Different times of the day have different monsters. It’s been done before to some degree in FF10,  FF12 and FF13. But this is a really nice touch and makes the game interesting.
  • The towns like Lestallum are really cool – since I am at chapter 8 – I am almost about to see Altissa.
  • Aranea looks cool – why couldn’t you have a cool character like her during the game?
  • Easier to get money in the game – especially compared to FF12 and FF13!


  • TOO MUCH “REAL WORLD” PROMOTION” like Amex or even fucking cup noodles. I didn’t feel like eating noodles after seeing the characters do this. I remember eating those cup noodles after being hungover on a plane (and they tasted horrible in my opinion)…maybe it’s  Japanese brand name thing and they like cup noodles. I think lots of people also felt the same way about this over advertising.
  • It is really hard to get ascension points to level your characters. I spent my earlier points on things like AP from car rides, chocobo rides and anything that really could scrape in a few points….I am getting better at the system (which is by no means hard to master) but it’s not that great in terms of what you get.

  • Buggy game – especially during boss battles. This game takes a lot of power to play!
  • More of Lunafreya’s dogs please.
  • More Luna because the summons story is pretty cool – such a pity social justice warriors ruined her story and most of it was cut out! I don’t feel like she is Aeris 2.0 though. I don’t think I can feel prepared to be all sad and shit over her upcoming death.
  • More Gentiana (I already know what she is) but I think it would have been better to have her at the beginning as a spirit guide as well… she kind of randomly popped up around character 4 and 5…newbies who didn’t look into the game universe media (or didn’t bother checking the story or radios in FF15) would be confused.

  • Not much in personal character development. Considering this game is about 4 friends going around on adventures together – you don’t really get much development or anything personal about the other 3 characters (outside of the protagonist Noctis). In other older FFs like 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 (I wouldn’t put 13 anywhere near a good FF) they still had SOME form of character development/storyline. I think Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 12 were the main three games that show character development. This one kind of falls flat but the storyline is great though!
  • Who is this fucking emperor and why is he a big deal? Isn’t it obvious that Aryn (whatever the spelling is) is the big bad boss and he is a really good one!
  • Hunts don’t give you THAT much for completing – I am around level 4/5 for being a hunter – I loved doing these hunt mark quests in FF12 but I would like a bit more money for doing different missions at a different level.
  • Too many imperial bases – each mission is stupid and you have to sneak around. I found myself repeating some of these levels over…and over…and over again.
  • Female characters are lacking in terms of development- they are either stereotypes like the damsel (Lunafreya) or bitchy (Aranea) – I don’t think Square Enix have done a complex female character without turning her into a victim, mean or over sexualised (Cindy). Don’t get me started on the outfit or the stupid country voice of Cindy.