High School Reunion Thoughts

My anniversary (a big one) is coming up soon and I am a bit stressed out. Here are a few thoughts about my big high school reunion year and what I think might happen….

Simply not invited

I wasn’t exactly popular in high school. I would say I was bullied but I would also say I caused some things through my own making.

I got a lot of unwanted attention from older guys (and some online attention from older guys which was my fault). Sometimes the guys in high school would pretend to be nice to me and “ask me out” – then they would laugh at me. I never actually believed they were interested in me so I think laughing at me was trying to cover up being rejected. They also called me “Princess” as if it was a bad thing. Some of the feral, bogan girls thought I wanted to steal their boyfriends – so they tried to threaten me a few times (LOL was pretty funny but I wasn’t interested in any boys in high school). An ex-friend of mine made the mistake of “Dating” the wrong boy and ended up being beaten the shit out of with a slipped disc in the neck and back – very lucky she didn’t get paralysed 😦 Oh the other hand, I told the bogan ferals if they wanted to fight me over stupid fucktard shit – to come fight me. They never did…I always knew post high school would be a better world for me!

Surprised if I did get invited

I use a different name. I am a different person. If I did get invited I’d only do it to see how I matched up to those who bullied me. Which from my infamous stalking I am mostly in a different place now…which is satisfying enough.

Although I always thought I would be in another town or country by the time this big reunion came around…

Facebook & The High School Reunion

When I was in high school – up until the final year or even just after – people were on myspace. LOL. Myspace is kind of ghetto and loser-ish now but it was a BIG DEAL back then to be in the top friends. I had some pretty rough times when some people trashed me/my looks on myspace – but I can only imagine how bad the kids nowdays have it. It was definetely a peer pressure thing and it’s still somewhat trendy to do the social media high school friends thing.

Then, as I said, in the final year, facebook hit it BIG in Australia. So I am wondering – since I know (through my infamous facebook stalking) does that mean there won’t be a high school reunion if people are chatting up all the time? From what I know some of the cliques are still somewhat in regular contact but I wouldn’t be personally expecting a private invite.