New Year New Job!

I am a strong believer in juju/karma/what you do to others will come back to you.

My 2016 was a weird rollercoaster year (the beginning and the last few months were absolutely painful because of the horror of Fort Asshole and the associated dramas that came out of that place).

I dreaded going to that workplace and I would be stressed, unwell and constantly dragging my feet to avoid going to work. On top of that my HR complaint took 2 years to resolve (and ironically the information which could have legally busted that company’s ass wasn’t given to me until recently) and I was “finally” (or obviously in my eyes) proven right with my “allegations” from the bullying. When you’re constantly made out to be this/that or people are gossiping about – like in my mind it’s over. I am right and I don’t need to do anything more now. Although I am pissed because I saw a lawyer (who said I had a case) in 2016 but it wasn’t worth the effort or energies or the high legal costs for pittance.

I think blind freddie would have seen nepotism, clique protectionism and weak leadership causing some very evil people to foster and dominate. I also think those who were two faced and encouraged that towards me are equally to blame. 

I just wanted to move on and not have that baggage or those evil people around me.

Now I think after all my workplace drama – I have been rewarded with a new opportunity and fresh start for 2017.

That’s it – my hands are finally free for a bright future! I feel like with the closure in the HR complaint (obviously I was fucking right but it’s in writing so these people can’t go opening their mouth to a future employer and make out I left because I was the troublemaker when I clearly (in writing) wasn’t the problem at all).

It’s a security for my future to make sure I learn from this and don’t get targeted by the same sort of people twice. 

The boss kept asking me whether I wanted to come back after a week meeting me. And I thought this person absolutely hated me during our interview together. I was absolutely gobsmacked but SO was like “no i’m pretty sure this is a job trial.” He was dead on right!

I actually was planning to move on but the job was tailor to what I wanted and what I am actually good at. The hours (are super long) for me are the only con but the pay makes up for it.

I will be doing a different type of work after the holiday season is over – but I will be getting a higher pay and a better job title. Plus I have never worked in a corporate environment with permanent conditions! This means I do things like holiday leave or even sick leave! I don’t want to abuse these privileges but knowing I have some protections without the threat hanging over me (like in Fort Asshole where the bully constantly threatened me and said they’d get me fired – to which I filed my HR complaint because you don’t lock people in a room to threaten them…) I feel relief. The timeliness of the work is suitable as well so if I really don’t like an uber corporate environment – I can move into a different industry but still do the work I did before.

Now that I am back to work, I am missing going to the gym, going shopping and should probably avoid eating so much junk food after the holiday season. Plus we have a wedding with a date to plan for!

This Christmas week was simply fantastic. What more can I ask for??? Here is to a good start for 2017! And may it continue to be a good 2017….