Elle & Kids

Recently I have been a bit clucky (despite his anti-engagement approach) SO seems to be on board with this and brought it up with me! I was actually a bit surprised but I am on board with the idea.

Other people in my family and even people I went to high school with are either in committed relationships and/or have children… I don’t really follow trends but it just feels like the timing is right (and other people obviously get those feelings at my age).

I am thinking about having kids…and I am by no means old. I have been thinking there is more to life than just looking at pretty designer dresses and I think life is about experiences, memories, good people and also creating your own family (when the ones you got don’t treat you right / nasty to you / shit you off).

I want children who value intelligence, kindness and beauty. I’d be devastated if I had a hellspawn child. But I also don’t want to lose my soul or my life – or my interests or travelling or luxurious tastes…

I might infamously hate badly behaved hellspawn (which is fair enough because some mothers act super cunty out there and just cause trouble/go on a social media rampage) and I don’t ever want to be like that. I think SO would be the first person to have words or pull me into line if I ever went super mummy blogger.

I would love a kid but the timing has to be right!