FF15 (With Spoilers)

SO and I bought ourselves a nice little Christmas gift. We bought a PS4 and we each got some games for it! Having a nice console to play when it’s too hot to go outside or you just want to relax after a long hard day working is really fun 🙂 While SO has never been the playstation fanboy – he was amazed by the graphics of his games!

So obviously (because I mentioned it in a few blogs) I went and picked out FF15 for myself. I haven’t been able to get SO on board to try the game (although my picks have always been pretty spot on when it comes to his tastes – so I would recommend a game and he 95% of the time ends up loving it!) but I really think FF12 would be a good starter or even FF15.

So after playing for nearly 6 hours, here are my thoughts:

  • When you first load the game it might take a while to download – I HEARD IT WAS 50 FUCKING GBS! Mind blown. So while I waited for an hour – I got to play the open world combat mode. Not sure what it does. But it had traditional FF goblins and looks amazing – even though I know you can’t play in Insomnia.
  • The male cast doesn’t bother me. I love playing as girl characters but FF13 (with a female lead) actually sucked. I like how they mesh – and I don’t think shoving a random girl in there would’ve benefitted the story. Also because I know that some of them die – it makes the journey more touching from a narrative point of view. Like you actually LIKE the characters more and their deaths might mean more to you. No token characters which is great!
  • I don’t think the females should’ve been shoved into token roles – I wish they did put Stella in the game thouhg. She was beautiful.
  • I like Lunafreya’s voice
  • I think UMBRA is adorable. When is Pyrna popping up???
  • The road tripping isn’t as great because you can’t 100% go anywhere off road.

  • Having the albums of the previous FFs is nostagalia. I grew up in the 90s playing FF7 and it’s my first (But not favourite) FF. I loved being able to choose what song I wanted to hear. Plus the Florence and Machine version of stand by me was beautiful – I think it was a nice touch to have it at the beginning of the game – when the boys were pushing their broken down car.
  • The scenery is AMAZING. I love the open world and roaming in it.
  • I don’t like the car as much as I thought I would. This is by no means as free as something like Grand Theft Auto 5.
  • Hunts remind me of FF12 – and I loved the hunts and will be buying the new PS4 version of FF12 – but they are boring and some of the monsters only come out at night. I’d like to keep an open mind about this one and hope it changes.