Another Week At the New Job…

So I have been doing the job in the second week now – it’s noticeable people aren’t as interested or overly friendly compared to the first week. Oh and the tax man likes a big chunk of my wage. I am not doing anything dodgy so if I get a good return next year then I am happy. This job is the first time I’ve ever had to use my own phone to contact my boss though….it’s not a habit I’d like to get into in the future for any future roles (like using my phone vs. email to tell the boss to do xyz).

Because I am doing the Christmas work with a large company; I find it hard to know names but I am very visual and very good at picking out faces… still I am not getting overly invested in that place (because it’s short-term and there is no indication I will be doing more work for them). I am not really interested in doing Christmas parties out of pocket or time – when I can work those hours (you only get paid for what you are contracted to do) and have a good time on the weekend.

I am not taking any chances in terms of working so I am intending to get my next permanent role (or a really good contract) immediately after finishing. I am not interested in taking another month long break – I want to be doing the interviews and hitting the ground running. There are a few other people finishing contracts at Christmas – so when they get home from a hard day of work, they may hypothetically think “I’ve had a hard day and I am going to watch TV”. Meanwhile, i had a long day at work, I am aware of how precious having my own income is and I am doing an hour or two looking at online job boards.

SO also gets off my case, know that he seems to know I do put effort into job hunting. He even told me how surprised he was when I got Christmas work – I had been told by recruitment agencies to not even bother because no one would hire until January. I am finding similar stories from other workers (in general not anyone/agency specifically) about random agencies lying about random stuff on job applications. Why????? I don’t get the need to be dishonest about simple job conditions – we still have rights, even if it’s not a long-term job.

Persistence paid off for me!


Sometimes I don’t know if the person i work with likes me – maybe it’s just a personality thing (actually our zodiac signs are complete opposites so this theory does make 5% sense to me)…but then again when I interviewed with this person; they obviously liked and hired me… so I am bit confused. I don’t overly go in with personal talk because they are like “oh short term” (vibes I get)

I do get consistently good feedback about how great I am, how I slot into the team (take that you fucking fuckers in October/November about ‘team culture and personality fits’) – which is great…because I hope to finish my Christmas contract out (any extra weeks of work are a an unexpected bonus – but despite how well they talk about me – the company I work for ALWAYS mention finishing up after Christmas) and get a good reference. In a way, being able to do appropriately paid, higher level work has been great. I don’t have some controlling, two-faced little bitch worried about me “taking the job” – and I am working smarter not harder. 

Now I am thinking to myself (and SO said the EXACT SAME THING) why don’t you fucking offer me a job then? Hm? Actually I had applied for work with this company and they rejected me for PERMANENT staff..instead hiring me as a contractor for christmas. IRONIC.

SO’s Employment News & Dramas

It’s like if it’s not me having problems; it’s SO having problems/stress.

SO is having his own employment issues and is having a massive freakout. The past few weeks have been high intensity for him (due to some news) and he goes between very calm and highly strung out about new events. He has been dealing with a lot of new life events and challenges – I think this is a great time ahead for him (if he accepts the challenges and doesn’t over react…because he is very intelligent and good at what he does). I think when he has a better handle on his emotions and stops freaking out before reacting properly things run smoothly in the Casa.

Like, if something was wrong with his pay or he was missing money (missing a direct debit because of a bill) and he didn’t immediately know – he reacts and freaks out first before sorting out. I’m the opposite. When we were trying to meal prep the other day….on a really fucking hot 30-40 degree day… we had some meat (sold to us) which had gone off well before the due by date.

So while SO is carrying on and screaming at a packet of chicken; I am on the phone to the supermarket, taking a photo of the off chicken and just asking them what will they do about the problem. Now I don’t pretend to have 100000% exectuion style to get things done – but there’s no point screaming at a packet of chicken in the middle of summer.

SO: You fucking asshole chickens should have been FRESH!
SO: You fucking asshole chickens should have been FRESH!

Over the years I have learned, to let SO do his own merry thing (he is stubborn and will just do what he wants anyway). If he wants to be hot headed, throw his own property around and carry on – he will only damage himself and he will have to calm down eventually.

^ SO is 85% in placid mode anyway…

A major problem is the little games my ex-boss plays with SO. My former boss (who knows SO) has been fucking around- so understandably SO has been working overtime (which i DO NOT AGREE WITH) and then there’s no money. Only excuses from my ex boss.

When things settle down for him; i will blog a little bit about his good news.  Personally I think his company fucked him around for too long and he is way too nice and tolerant (oh I have to do the right thing) when clearly they don’t respect him or treat him fairly.

What the flying fuck…. I wouldn’t be going to work or putting up with their bullshit requests if I wasn’t paid on time (ironic…when I worked with my former boss – SO never got paid on time but I did… and I was like bitch where is my money – knowing that person’s (my ex-boss’) reputation beforehand).

Anyway I think we will both be ok and should avoid over reacting (because summer brings out the worse with tempers in general – not necessarily at each other). We are doing fine and things will be looking up!