First Week of New Job

Here are my unfiltered thoughts for the first week!


There were some pretty evident pros and cons with this job:

First pro was making money and doing a job with a better pay and title. The experience will be excellent for my resume. I hope to use it in the upcoming year to boost my hunt (because as I was reminded – this job is only until NYE).

I was also happy SO won’t be working long hours or feeling stressed about my employment situation (although I think he will freak out when my christmas contract is over).

The office was like walking into modern times. The facilities were clean – the desk was nice and it has a great view. At fort asshole – just simply picture a medieval fortress with a moat (filled with snakes) in the middle of whoop whoop and full of nepotistic old, nasty crones and lots of clocks. The area is open floor (which I’ve never worked in before and I don’t think I want to work in an unwalled office) and you can walk to the middle of the room for kitchenette stuff.

You have a dishwasher/sink/coffee/milo/tea/microwave/toaster/grill… and that’s a notably huge (and clean) difference.  The view was amazing!

It was a very hard slog getting up really early.

These hours are much earlier than what I used to do and it was a shock to my body. I often struggle (and have struggled) with functioning at 100% capacity in the morning. Coffee, tea and other stimulants don’t work; I think going to a local cafe or coffee shop while working (every day) is a waste of money. I don’t mind the usual office stuff – but I’d like to bring my own box.

With the short time I am going to be working – I could only think about counting down the days.. I wanted my first paycheque and to move onto more permanent work.

A con – and a big one in my eyes – is the fact I dislike corporate culture. I find it hard, especially with my postgraduate degree, to see what kind of job I will end up with (especially since I saw my student bill which was expected but a lot of money!) in the future. I saw all these people (who are probably degreed) and I couldn’t figure out when I job hunted in the new year – as to what job I would be doing. I see myself running my own business and doing things my way. I see office working as a short term (5-10 years tops thing). SO isn’t 100% convinced my business may expand beyond a hobby.

I was so tired and pissed off (also because I got my period at work) – the hours are probably the main thing along with not being able to always move about and do my thing (I need to walk around the office – I hate sitting around doing nothing or just on the computer all day).


The work was OK. I was being trained by someone who wasn’t the best teacher. The people seem nicer than my previous job.


This time I was given more freedom to do some work – I can’t really stand not being able to ask questions, make notes or more specifically (since I am very visual) just watch someone else do the work and then replicate. I hate having delays in getting help/answers if I can’t replicate the work – which I think was half the problem. I understand the trainer doesn’t want me to know everything because that might put them out of a job. However, they are openly interviewing (with the boss’s knowledge) but simultaneously trying to cut me at the metaphorical feet to keep me not fully trained.


I was so busy from start to finish – doing some new skills I’ve never done before. I had my first big meeting (doing minutes/agendas too) which is something I never did before. The skills will be excellent for my next job. Meetings are boring though (I did say I don’t see myself in corporate culture for the long term).

I couldn’t wait for Friday and just to have a weekend again!


My attitude towards working (now I can control my environment and do my own thing) has been a bit more positive. Doing a timesheet and being able to understand that I am getting paid soon has been a bit easier.

The work was easier today and I was so busy so time flew. Only one rude coworker (who was such a bitch and hung up on me) when I asked her about something my new boss asked.  Only one (non-worker) was super rude to me when I had to email them about something. This person is very high up in another company and was sooo rude for no reason. They were being difficult and just not accommodating to any requests or making themselves available. Basically everyone has to accommodate to this difficult personality. I bit my tongue very well because I thought about my nice paycheque.  I have decided, I am only there for a short time and I am not going to get too emotional about that rude asshole.

The office were in a good mood because they have multiple christmas events coming up….I was invited but after time away from working and only staying short-term – I can’t imagine wanting to stick around or getting too emotional about these people. If things change (and by the 10000/1 chance I am offered a longer shift of work) then maybe my feelings might change. By the time Friday came, I just wanted to get my pay and head home for the weekend. With the weather becoming increasingly warm here, I am somewhat happy that I miss out on most of the dry heat here (working inside a nice office). Trying to be positive 🙂