New Job Nerves

So this is a pre-new job blog! I’m going to blog about some thoughts for the big day – and I get stressed out when the countdown begins! Oh and by the way – I have predated this so I don’t give any personal information away about what I’m doing or where or when or how! I value my real life privacy!


I know more than 50% of my referees were going to be OK but I had 2 wildcards (related to my previous jobs) whom I was concerned would bad mouth me. With my former workplace, I had coworkers who I was on OK terms with (and happy to do the reference) but I didn’t want them to bring it up with say someone like my former manager who is a snake or my psycho coworker (who depending on what personality came out that day would either scream at the person doing the checks – as I had seen her do on several separate occasions) or tell them to shove their reference processes up their ass. I would NEVER give those 2 people’s names out but I didn’t want the referees to be like “oh I wasn’t her boss but these people worked *very closely* with her”. Simply put, I didn’t trust or want someone I didn’t like being able to give a reference or talk about me.

To counteract this potential problem for a very recent referee I had someone I know do a referee check. The referee was difficult to get any information from – so much as their name position/work relation to me. My referee checker asked me whether the morons I previously worked with always this frustrating (yes…lol…the answer was yes).

I hope with my new job I am able to get a solid reference and hopefully someone higher end like a manager or director or boss or supervisor. Fingers crossed.

Will I like/tolerate the place?

Anyone who knows me, knows two things;

  1. I am very private/shy
  2. I do not suffer fools lightly 

I am doing a handover with my predecessor and I am interested to learn from this person – not gossip – but what triggers/positives I should learn while I am at this job. Someone who wants a morning email report or timekeeper vs. someone who is relaxed – doesn’t care where I am but as long as I do my job autonomously.

I don’t like being asked awkward questions or put on the spot either.

The Start

Whenever I have a big event on – I always get super nervous the night before. Exams. Holidays. Melbourne Cup. Bad day (at my previous workplace) or Christmas or my birthday or something… I can’t sleep.

I don’t want to be late on my first day – but punctuality isn’t my strongest point and this is short term so I can’t slip up. I don’t know how I get in the new workplace and I don’t know what happens if I run late either!

I don’t like being forced on a schedule (and my new workplace has super early hours!) – I am stressed about not making my commute to work. I expect to have to get up super early (my nerves tend to stress me out and then I will probably stay up all night). it’s about making a good impression and as SO and my mother said “don’t bring negative emotions/baggage into this new job”.

The ID Card

It’s about rocking up and looking silly because you have to wait to get your ID and stuff all sorted. As I mentioned previously my job is only short term but I hate doing ID photos…

Some people can look amazingly photogenic from all angles with all cameras (some of these people are professional ‘models’ LOL) but me. Nope. I always look stupid in ID photos. With except to my main forms of daily ID like proof of age (where I photoshopped it LOL at home) – everything from my passport to my former workplace ID or even my student cards looked pissy. I have resting bitch face or I was breaking out or my eyebrows were really finely waxed and I looked like I had tadpoles…no. It doesn’t look great.

Those are my thoughts. I am hoping everything goes smoothly tomorrow morning.