Throwback Baby Elle Reacts!

I stumbled across my old blog from back in the day (when I first met SO)…. hahahaha…. Iconic. I was and still am very sassy!

Here are a few snippets of throwback blogs:

  • I was sick of other women (old and young) openly hitting on SO to the point – they would take their pants off in public for him (not literally) – and  to this day he relishes in that!
  • Particularly one time SO and I went out on a date and we went to get some alcohol from the bottle shop – then this promotional model would not fuck off /sucking up like a cunt to SO and was being really rude to me!
  • I was pissed off at the promotional model than SO
  • I also thought women don’t need to be ultra sexy to get male attention – there were other jobs and ways of getting attention – infamous words “you are being cheap not a model!”
  • I thought Bono was married to aung san suu kyi after an undergraduate class – and wrote that in an exam about Burmese Politics…. WTF LOL
  • I needed a holiday and was working several jobs (a day and night job)
  • I hated my professors because they weren’t tolerant I couldn’t afford to come to class (hey I still graduated you assholes!)
  • “I thought education was the best investment  one can have apart from common sense and love.”
  • I hate cheaters (Especially exam cheats!), liars, two faced assholes and people with attitude
  • I still hate the tertiary education system in Australia
  • I like alcohol LOL
  • I thought my now-friend had horrible claw like nails and didn’t get it…
  • I was pro-charity but do not agree with sending promotional material in the mail (like why is that money not being spent on the people/animals/things you are helping claim to protect!)
  • I hate chuggers and they should stop acting like my friends – still do but don’t tell them to fuck off anymore
  • SO previously needed a bit of help (even though he never told me he had no money) about coming out of his shell on dates and not being such a  financial tight ass.
  • I got into a fight with a teritary education friend because I told her to stop being messy and pathetic that she didn’t have a boyfriend (she was putting up pictures of her bad diet and said she was fat and photoshopped her head onto famous movie posters….) it was still sad and pathetic!

Luckily nothing too major was cringeworthy!