No More Postgraduate Studies!

In light of everything that has happened – I have decided to finish up at postgraduate school. 

Providing I pass a really hard unit (I am waiting for my results) – I will be graduating a bit later on down the track. At this stage, I do not have any regrets for this choice!

There’s a few monetary and philosophical factors…

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Expensive Education $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Education in Australia is very expensive. The auspols have been trying to shit on the “free education system” which the baby boomers got and want to turn it into a privatized USA 2.0.

Student loans upfront with interest vs. the current (but flawed) system where you can do up to 90-100k worth of study (depends what you do – some courses like medicine and dentistry DO go over this!) and when you start earning over 50k – then you pay it back with your annual tax. I think if you get a great paying job – you most definitely should be paying your education back. But you need to have the job market more open FOR graduates and entry level workers to get their foot in the door instead of just hiring foreign workers or wanting a 20 year old with 500 years of experience.

If it wasn’t very obvious – I get very riled up on the subject of privatization Australian education.

I am not pretending to know everything about it but I know enough about how it roughly works.  I understand when foreigners come and paid 25k for a course (we are talking the ivy league equiv – which is what I have attended- costs) – it helps the tertiary university/college to fund domestic places (well currently). I think some places (from personal experience) are so greedy and so happy to drive up education costs and low the standards – that hey let’s just fuck off the domestic students and bring more international students in. $$$$$$$$$

A side rant about privatizing education: I think the way the education (tertiary education) is going is horrible.

From my experience, the foreign students are merely cash cows to be blood let for money. I have seen students also bitch and moan and threaten legal action when they did not get an “A” passing grade (yes I have seen this in person).

In turn by having so many international students in classes – it drives up the price, lowers the standard of the class and it drives up the pool of graduates – some of which probably shouldn’t be getting their degrees.

I have been in postgraduate classes where some of the students cannot string an English sentence together. It is unfair on students who are native/better speakers because you have to essentially dumb down the work.

I want a valuable degree – not being graded on the high end of the grading curve because essentially my classmates are not ‘intelligent’ enough (by course standards) to do the course.

By over flooding the Australian market with these toilet paper qualifications – they are only lowering the standards of postgraduates like myself and pissing on my higher end degree.

If they want this new money-first system (or loans which strongly hurt people from poorer backgrounds) – I would have never been able to educate myself.  If it wasn’t for my marvelous intelligence/brain – I would not stand a chance to get into university (if they want to go ahead with this tiered wealthy-only system). I certainly do not have mummy or daddy’s money or connections to get me things in life. Nepotism absolutely 10000000% shits me off. When I have children, I am highly concerned about nepotism and allowing rich kids who don’t have the grades but the connections take places over some poor kid who has the grades, needs a helping hand and then they have to stay in a lower socio-economic class or situation. You could have the next Einstein or whatever on your hands. But no, because you lazy ass baby boomers fucked up the system – that would be Einstein is probably serving you at McDonalds. Talk about keeping the (wo)man down!

I think the education system needs an overhaul. Here are some of my brilliant ideas. No need to pay me consultancy fees (I could do with the money though….):

Should be more selective about what government will fund

There are shitty degrees like “alternative medicines” — like you have medical doctors who studied with dead bodies and stabbing each other with needles for 6-7 years PLUS all the stuff you see on Grey’s Anatomy (lol TV show I know). Then you have some quack who comes along and proclaims they are a doctor after doing some online course with some DVDs and purely based on opinion??? I 100000% agree that the government (through the grants) SHOULD NOT be funding something without basis. Yes, I will also include religious studies as they are also subjective like quack science.

The problem with funding the arts…

Back in the old days, patrons and wealthy people basically paid for the arts. Without arts there wouldn’t be expression or famous paintings or things like movies or books… Arts is important for culture and intelligence.

I think practical arts should be funded (or partially funded) having someone who is able to process, construct, verbalize and write intelligent thoughts or something that generates debate is important. Having writing/communications…maybe fine arts/physical arts are the sorts of things I think should be funded. Being in a sheep culture, a kangaroo social media court – it’s like people want to be dumb and just repeat what the popular thing is…not necessarily something logical or intelligent. Plus different people make the world go round!

Helping kids who suck at learning get trades/physical/manual qualifications

Investing more in mental health and health care

Students should be older to help them pinpoint what they want to do!

I also think when you leave high school that you should NOT be allowed to go to university/college until you are 20/21.

In Australia, undegradates are usually straight out of high school and very rarely “mature” (as in 19 years plus) old. I know from personal experience being 16-18 years old and being “forced” to decide what I want to do “for the rest of my life” was very stressful.

Being 20+ before being funded for tertiary education – it allows you to develop your skills/what you like/dislike/travel/get life and work experience…. this would probably reduce the amount of people who waste time getting stupid degrees or not completing them. Common fact that generally first year is the university/college drop out year for undegraduates.

The future

So I’ve had my little rant/concern/argument about the possible future of the education system here. I seriously hope my future children do not have to be put in a position where they need to be rich to be educated. Or even worse…be in an education system that is clearly dumbed down for the worst student in tertiary education.

I am considering other study options – but you have to realize that I have been CONSECUTIVELY studying for over 20 years now. It’s going to be hard to suddenly stop studying for awhile but I actually need a break (I know I have a short attention span) but I haven’t fully enjoy my postgraduate course for a while now. With so much study, exams and full on 6 monthly commitments – that shit gets tiring! I didn’t do the European gap year, I didn’t do schoolies (because I was accepted early to tertiary education and also because I graduated high school very early). I spent my time getting qualifications and skill sets. At this stage, SO suggested I should do something that I enjoy (which would be practical) and something a bit more hands on. With the current unemployment situation – I also had similar thoughts.

I think taking a break (and waiting for my postgraduate graduation) might be ideal for the time being 😀