100 Interviews Process

Recently, it seems like almost everyone I speak/email doesn’t have a job or is trying to find one. It doesn’t help my stress levels or make me get money back in my pocket.

My Tiger Mother – usually a detractor and not very positive about things I do – has been a bit more supportive about job search this month. Like SO, she seems to think I am going to nail an interview, it is just the case of which one am I going to do well in. She thinks the lucky number would be 100 before I got offered a job.

She told me her 100 Interview theory was this:

  • I put in my multiple applications – which can vary depending on what is on the job boards it can be from 5 to 25 a day – personally I apply for everything that I think I can do!
  • Out of those applications – say 5% to 10% want to interview me (which is true because my statistics for getting interviews are like 1/5
  • So I would need to do another 70-80 interviews before I get a job offer
  • And if I got a job offer before those 100 interviews – then I would be sitting pretty

100 is a big number – and the fact I suck at interviews doesn’t help me out. The idea of 100 is stressful because I want a job NOW. On the other hand, with this job market – I am about a 1/4 or a 1/3rd the way there…so to me the number could also make some sense.

Because I am trying to get a thick skin about all this job interview bullshit (trying to learn how to adapt rather than freak out when I don’t get anything) – SO runs through with me, every few days, about ways I have been looking for jobs. I am welcome to take some advice on board – but we both seem to think that I am missing something. Even when I have interviewed, I missed out because I didn’t work on  x computer program in my last job, or I was too shy (a personality/cultural fit) or over qualified. I am angry that I can’t catch a bloody break!!!!

On top of that job stress, overall the job market is making me a bit nervous. I want to have my house with SO and kids and stuff like that. And my lifestyle…

Unfortunately, unemployment statistics by Australian states have unnerved me a bit – they are back down again (and hopefully not to 2013 levels…because the year 2013 was absolutely horrible for me!)  —- To be honest, I don’t think these recent unemployment statistics are correct. Most jobs I have seen online are not full time – they are usually casual or contract (which can fire you at will like the US system) OR part time – and they usually promote school hours or school mums in their ads. In fact I would say, for the skillsets I have, they ONLY want to hire people at non-full time hours. I am personally happy to take what I can get but part time or full time hours are what I need right now.

When coming up with these stats – employment is sneakily defined as doing an hour of work – and if you are ‘unemployed’ you need to be on a welfare payment to be classed as such. Now, IMO, what the hidden unemployment stats SHOULD be including are those ineligible for welfare payments or those who are students AND unemployed. I think you would find these 5% numbers being somewhere along the 20-25% ballpark. I mean we can all toot about how lazy some job seekers are (and yes, I still think some are very lazy or don’t want to find work) but there are also others who want employment. Why else on each job application rejection would there be 200-500 people applying for the same jobs I did?

Another thing I am interested about is whether the 457 visa changes mean Australians will actually be considered for jobs first. If there is someone who qualified for a position – and they happen to be a citizen of Australia – THAT person should be offered the job. Hiring proxy workers (not the backpackers but skilled workers that can be found here in Australia and whom are citizens) is bullshit. Period.

I am hopeful that next day or next week will bring me closer to nailing SOMETHING.