How I feel about Global Politics

Over the weekend, on the various Australian news outlets, there are multiple stories and opinion pieces on american politics. While I 10000000000% agree people are welcome to have an opinion – pretending to be an armchair expert/keyboard warrior in american politics is absolutely ridiculous.  Seeing some Australians carry on about the USA is just weird to me.


I am seriously bemused how Australians are getting themselves so worked up about whether this or that american candidate won the american election. Maybe on an economic scale there COULD be a problem – but we aren’t living in america…so why are we required to opinionate on the matter? Politics is shitty but people vote for who they vote for – why carry on like a little bitch??? It’s the same problem – you are voting for shitty candidates here too. 

Australia has its own problems like youth disengagement, only select people with wealth, pro-baby boomer policies, mental health issues, dental issues (like not investing in it), the privatisation of government assets, trying to americanise the health care system for profit and greed, unemployment issues, homelessness, daily living costs……… you get the idea. 

Australians should collectively worry more about working out the problems in our own backyard first before worrying about american elections!