NEARLY Finished FF3

In my excitement I stayed up in the wee hours of the morning to try finish off FF3.  It’s been a fun challenge to take my mind off stressful situations in the last month. FF3 is one of the more linear, traditional medieval Final Fantasys in the series. I like how fun it is – but it’s by no means my favourite FF game.

As I mentioned in recent blogs I was severely overworked and barely had time to do some fun things (like chilling out/not worried about work) like playing video games 😀 While being a responsible adult doing adulting (I am not looking for a pat on the back – just pointing out I do have things to do outside computers and the internet) I have made a little time to chill out and I have been able to NEARLY finished FF3.

Some things about the game:

Story line is a bit sketchy. I know the original FF3 didn’t have character names or backgrounds. It feels a bit tacked on.

The whole bloody point isn't revealed until the END of the story...
The whole bloody point isn’t revealed until the END of the story…

When I got to the “real” surface world – after you stop the flow of time? It gets a bit more linear.


I prefer the open ended sandbox approach which has been sorely missing in the recent FF games I’ve played – like FF3, FF5, FF6 and FF13. I’d say only FF7 & FF8 (my favourite) are a bit more quest friendly. As a video game completionist – I want to get it right but have some fun and not blitz my way through a game so quickly.

The characters don’t really have personalities or their own stories. FF6 to FF8 (including FF7) have really well written stories and characters. Heck even FF5 makes a better attempt at characterisation than FF3 does. Now I know it was tacked on –but even with a remake – you would’ve thought they would TRY to write character. I feel like the NPCs had more personality than you generic heroes. They don’t even show emotion when they get levelled up – they do a dumb dance and look grumpy.

I think the job classes are pretty cool. I think they are the selling point for anyone wanting to play this game. I personally like to level the shit out of my current classes and I prefer the traditional warrior/tank, magic character and medic. It’s a traditional combo in RPGs and it works. I think the outfits are pretty cute and show the different characters – but no where near the same extent as the later game FF10-2. LOL. Dress ups 😀

ff3-shp2 ff3-shp3 ff3-victory

Not even happy for your team mate….



The towns are OK. But I don’t feel like stock or gil are that great. It’s better just to wait for treasure chests or even to get stuff off the Invicible.

The airship Invincible is really cool but I thought it would do more than climb mountains. The 2nd ship Nautilus you get (after the enterprise is blown to smithereens) can go underwater and is super-fast. Sure the Invincible has beds, fat chocobo, mognet, stats and shops – but when your 2nd ship can go through certain areas like Doga’s Manor and the Invincible can’t… I considered dumping the Invincible in the middle of the ocean…until I realised you need to use the Invincible to get to the crystal tower.




One thing – the accomplishments for the FF3 game are fucking hard!!! I have noticed job master and Ultima Weapon quest – so I have done NEARLY all the requirements… I have to go to Eureka (to finish the Ultima Weapon) and at level 88 I am about 12 levels to finishing ONE of the 23 job master titles. Then when you think you master that and you’re not giving yourself a life or a RSI injury from too much computer time – then the game makers want you to complete the job masters for all 23 titles for ALL characters. Far out. FF8 also has a really stupid one like that which is “play the game the whole time at the level you started off at”. COME ON!

Maybe if I was playing FF3 on a plane (I completed FF6 on a domestic Australian flight) maybe I’d have the attention span and time to finish it off 100%.

My next gaming goals are

FF10, FF9 and finishing FF13. Then probably Tomb Raider but it’s pretty intense.

Watch this space…