Interview Processes

Recently I have been interviewing (a lot) and making quite a few shortlists. Here are a list of things I’ve noticed since coming back into the interview game…even in 2-3 years things have changed for the worst.

More applicants applying

I have been told applicants for jobs range from 200 to 500. Most places don’t even bother with an email confirming application or even bother confirming (even after the interview) whether you are successful or not.

I have been 2nd and 3rd listed quite a few times and it’s shitting me off – because the things are so minor and my resume is fucking great. Because I don’t know who I am competing against – I don’t know how well or bad I do in interviews. Since interviewers don’t even have the manners to let me know if I am not successful (which is rude because I had to take the time and resources to go to your shitty office in the first place).

Am I dressing right for interviews?

My wardrobe is in such a bad state that I have very little clothing for work/interviews.

I don’t know!!!!!!

Fussy Employers not paying decent wages for same job types

One thing I hate other than psycho coworkers is being underpaid for a job. Which happened at Fort Asshole. I am not fussy provided I can actually DO the job and I have the skill-sets to do the job. However, I am not going to be insulted by taking a super low paying job when I know the market rate is a lot more than that. Public sector jobs and agency jobs pay very very well – but also happen to be short term or contract jobs. I don’t know what I will be offered BUT if I had a choice – I have a very clear mindset of what I would take and what wage I would except. I don’t think I am greedy but I would only accept a job which paid the same wage I previously had (which was a good wage in a shithole environment) OR higher. I am progressing the job ladder and my career. Not decreasing.  The full time job does not exist anymore. I am even happy for part time – what more could an employer want?

Talking about my over-qualifications

One thing I’ve repeated time and time and time again… what is the employer whinging about my qualifications/education??? I have never skipped work (unless prearranged by my own leave/time/money) into getting myself educated. I have very good qualifications for what I do. But I see the look on some interviewers’ faces and it’s like ‘oh you are more qualified in me’ or ‘why do you want to be here’. I want a reasonable amount of money and a reasonable job. Not a hard concept. My qualifications make me overqualified (and not even considered) for a lot of jobs. Which is a double edged sword – on the other hand some jobs which pay very very well I get 2nd listed because someone has more years in experience over me or they come from agencies and it’s not 100% if this is a sign up grab or actual job. How do you get extra years of experience if you can’t get a fair go???? UNFAIR.

Internal applicants constantly being hired

A few interviews I meant to go for (and did go for) had been internally filled – which is a bit unfair making people go through the whole process with the exciting prospect of being shortlisted. Like why fucking waste the time posting a fake job that I can’t have????

I am not kidding when people (that I know) often joke you need to be connected or family business to even be considered for a decent paying job now days. I am 1/500 applicants and those aren’t very good odds when you consider the connectedness of other potential applicants – I still give things a go regardless.

And other interviews suck so bad that you fall on your face (not literally) and look like a twat…