Giddyup Melbourne Cup!

One thing we (SO and I) really enjoy each year is going to the Melbourne Cup events.

This year’s event was all about good eating and in lots of large quantities. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………

The Melbourne Cup events are a bit like the hunger games and the Capitol lol! People dress up all weird or trendy (sometimes myself included) and they eat and eat and eat.

If alcohol made some people vomit (or someone created a drink like the books which makes you vomit) then people could eat more and more!

This year the menu didn’t disappoint and it was one of the best events we’ve ever attended. By the time we were done we were in food comas and stuffed. I am very happy I didn’t wear my spanx (like I would for fancy events) and still resembled a normal human being 🙂 We were so tired after eating – we both went to bed as soon as we got home. I probably need a few months of a good gym/exercise program so I don’t put weight on.

This year was more budget (because I like looking good and getting my hair/makeup done)…. but I did things by myself and got my hair done professional a day beforehand (also saved like $170 bucks in the process with the cost of all the Melbourne Cup extras like professional application and a fascinator).

This event was more inclusive and not just plastic pretty or connected people were invited to different mini events on the day. Stuff like Fashion on the Field blah blah blah. I may enter Fashions on the Field next year when I’ve gymmed a bit more. Not that I/SO didn’t look bad but I feel very self conscious haha.

This year the horse SO bet on was shit and didn’t even place! It would have been nice to earn a week or two in rent if it had won though!

This year the photographer (who wasn’t photographing anyone but pretty plastic girls) actually walked around and photographed EVERYONE. He got two pictures of us and me raising my eyebrows like a sassy bitch face *facepalm* – I did at least ask him how we should pose but I don’t remember if he told me.

The mood was good and the stresses of the last few weeks has disappeared. SO and I are just happy to have some time together and doing stuff we love (like eating good food).