What Happened At Fort Asshole?

I have left Fort Asshole and it happened very suddenly. But it wasn’t a shock or unexpected.

Now one thing, I have to be super careful about what I am about to reveal/say about the former workplace from hell.

This is a postdated blog and I’ve done a few about my thoughts/emotional roller coaster. The chronological order isn’t important – my feelings and reflections are because it is a healing process.

I was not fired.  I would definitely like to point this out! However – i did not get to leave on terms I personally would have preferred (new job). Sometimes things are meant to be, and I was getting super unhappy about being around some pretty nasty individuals. I really feel like I’ve dodged a bullet.

I was seeing and being the recipient of a lot of bad shit and I was feeling despair because it was directly and indirectly affecting me/my work. I blame hostile personalities who choose to make that workplace horrible and got no punishments for bad behaviour. It’s pretty obvious that I was unhappy and with whom I was unhappy with.

Sometimes people would openly say to contractors (as in could be threatened with all sorts of consequences including firing at will with no reason and if someone didn’t like you) “oh if you hate it here, then you should go!” I watched double digit contractors go in and out the doors.

First of all if I had a dollar every time I’ve heard this ignorant comment – I would’ve probably retired before the age of 30.

Second of all, what pissed me off (and at no point did I share this with those rude big mouths threatening people) – why is it always the fault of the person who is unhappy. If you have MULTIPLE UNHAPPY PEOPLE (at a few office trouble makers) – would you not think of some level there is a BIGGER PROBLEM? Even when I had to file a complaint – nothing ever got done.

Third point about how easy it was for secure staff members to bully contractors – it is all good to say “go get another job!” But it’s really not as easy as that. You fuck around with people’s livelihoods and make light of unemployment – it’s a disrespectful and totally illegal. People looking for work (like me) and you need to be very very lucky, super connected or skilled to be considered for a good paying interview and secure non-contract jobs – good luck with that. Most jobs now are contract only in Australia which means at will firing (which I was also stuck with). I am personally happy to take on this new challenge – but at the same time seeing that in the last year “oh go get another job!” and being told there were over 500 applicants for yours (not just me but to the office in general) actually made me go look elsewhere on my times off. I had to keep my personal interviews (which I did in my own time and on my own days off) on the down low to avoid being an earlier firing target and also not attracting unwanted attention from office gossips and people who clearly had it out for me.

People would constantly spread rumours about other coworkers and xyz (insert name) was always going to get fired or the whole office would be let go/fired. People in management would be vague and not helpful. But I was told to start looking for a job because I should be ‘in front of the job queue’. Totally contradictory.

Cliques and the favourites were another problem. Some people didn’t pull their weight (and actually didn’t work on work time) which is their problem if it doesn’t affect me. I didn’t go complaining or seeking trouble. By not courting or kissing clique ass – I think I didn’t do myself any favours. I am never going to be an asskisser or a fake just to get ahead. I am happy I went with class and dignity that was above the shit I saw.

Towards the end of my time working at Fort Asshole, I was severely overworked and I was not given my entitlements (such as agreed days off). I was so tired and miserable from doing multiple people’s jobs that it was exhausting and I was absolutely dreading going to Fort Asshole. When I didn’t immediately perfect other people’s jobs I would cop abuse – I was called stupid, implied I was mentally deficient and threatened with being fired by someone who was not in management. Every time – shit was thrown at me – and then when it wasn’t getting this person credit for MY WORK- I was copping abuse. When I got ‘too much credit’ I would get abuse or some nasty little comment from my former office sharer.

Then in between the bully and my former office shater – the office sharer would go between two personalities. One was helpful and interested in teaching me things on the job – but often it was a 360 exorcist bitch who would scream, drop the word ‘cunt’ when referring to people, bad mouthing people and would cry crocodile tears when someone called them out on their bullshit.

When people got what they wanted or got someone into the shit based on LIES (which happened to me a couple of times). People would LIE about what my job requirements were. People would lie about standard practices and people would lie to try throw me under the bus (failing) because I cross checked EVERYTHING before removing my workload onto the next person.

Provocation by someone who clearly had issues (unknown what they were to me) was not something I thought I could put up with for much longer. However, I am not a quitter and just kept looking elsewhere for a new job. If I had quit, I don’t think my family would’ve been happy with me and I would’ve felt like a coward for not fighting my own corner.

I was constantly being accused of doing things I never did wrong or accused of lying about things which were easily disputed. Whenever this fact (like if you’re going to call me a liar either sort it out with me in a calm, logical way and then allow me to explain my side). When fact checking and receipts were brought out – these individuals not only looked as stupid- they would change the subject or try avoid resolution. I suspect this particular individual was looking to pick a fight and create a false thing to get me in trouble – which I did in my last week – and falsely mind you!

Seeing evil fucked up cunts messing with people’s livelihoods based on lies (or because you don’t like someone poor didiums) – like it’s life. There’s plenty of useless assholes i hate but I don’t go playing dirty and messing with people’s professional reputations. When speaking to a lawyer about what I put up with – I am happy to say and put this to rest- this was the weirdest story but not atypical. Thankfully my reputation is mostly in tact thanks to my bullying complaint – and they know it.

When I got the news about me no longer working there – I felt relief. I wanted to refocus on my energy and focus it on re-employment and positive things going on in my life.