Beach Date

The weather is starting heat up again (bye winter 😦 ) so SO thought it would a great time to head to the beach. Usually in Australia, because the heat is so intense, it’s best to avoid going in the middle of the day. Going between 11AM-3PM your skin can be literally burned off but our house is so hot when the weather warms up; that it makes the house unbearable.

Also the idea of going to the beach and not spending time inside for once was great – going to our air-con gym and doing the same activities and burning the same calories.  However, most people also had the same idea in town so the beach buses (no one takes parking because it is so expensive and there is so little parking it’s not funny) were packed.

When we got there, more people were starting to arrive. We ended up with a nice spot under the shade and took turns to go for a swim and go put our feet on the white sand. The sand wasn’t too hot (like it would be in summer) and everyone was easily able to get a spot to themselves in the water (well the kids and adults were splashing around). One thing which was a shock to my system (after not being at the beach in 3-4 years) was how cold the water was. Water in tropical countries like Indonesia (where we go diving/snorkeling) is much water on entry…but it also has dirty rubbish and condoms.

One thing I like about Australian beaches is the fact that you don’t have to worry about being in a dangerous area (because our beaches have proper lifeguards and you always swim in safe spots) and also that you can usually go to a restaurant or have fish and chips afterwards. I love how unpolluted our water is and how there is no rubbish floating around – because people don’t do that in Australia. I also like how there are open showers and taps for when you are finished. In other countries you need to be careful in case some druggie throws a needle in the sand or they have pebbles instead of sand.

It was actually the first time in 2-3 years since I wore a bathing suit and didn’t feel horrible in it. I was also self conscious at first that people would make fun of how pale I am. I don’t really care about how pale I am because I love my pale skin – but most people who beach are pretty tan and there i was the same colour as the sand! I was worrying for nothing because people have their own shit to worry about that whether I am walking around in a bathing suit and pale af.

When SO got into the water (I let him go first because I knew he couldn’t wait) he usually gets in the water head first. I think if we lived next to a beach ($$$$$) he would be spending most of his time at it. Compared to cold, miserable Europe, SO loves the beach and swimming culture here.

Being in the water was immediately cooling and did the trick for us. It was actually super fun to go play in the water and do it on my own terms (not tormented or dunked or splashed).We ended up spending no more than an hour – because as I mentioned – the heat is intense and the sun risk for people like us (pale) is a lot higher than someone who is naturally tanned. It’s about having fun and being sun smart at the same time 🙂

I also thought how fun it would be having kids and taking them to the beach…playing in the water and making sandcastles.

We finished up the date by having some icecream and walking home from the icecream shop. That was the most sun I’ve had (since working in an office) in the last few years. I ended up somewhat burned in the face when we were going home and SO got minimally burned too.

I generally don’t wear hats (because I am indoors most of the time) and sunscreen burns my face. At the moment aloe vera is helping and I am going to find a reasonable hat to buy and wear for our next date..