The Meal Prep Experience

So earlier this week I blogged about budgeting (the financial struggle is real) and some ideas I was going to suggest to SO/and ideas we already do to keep more in pocket at the end of the day. SO got really excited about the idea of being a fiscally tightfisted cheapskate (he is very frugal in comparison to me) and the idea he actually liked (which I was surprised because he has been very vocal about his dietary preferences in the past) was meal prepping.

So this week I have been doing some research into realistic, normal dietary meal prepping. I find getting expensive shit for special diets (I am aware of how militant certain dieters are and their little online forums) is going to be too expensive. Since SO is still very militant about his diet and he needs to be OK with what he is eating (in the past if he doesn’t like something, SO has left it in the fridge for weeks and told me he doesn’t like leftovers/only freshly cooked food). I have tried to create a diet trial week which is a happy medium for both of us.

Here are some pros to doing meal prep:

  • Busy lifestyle/time poor for home stuff – I am at home more at the moment and have been sorting out our household needs while SO works
  • Allows me to shop in bulk
  • Gives me more control of our diet for awhile
  • Can be cooked and stored at once
  • I eat certain sized meals (500g-1L) this will help me keep on track with my health kick
  • Can remove the expensive diet shit/easily modified to our diet
  • Having specific healthy meals may be good for our lifestyle and attempts to lose more weight
  • SO is constantly hungry and likes food (likes talking about it) – having a few meals and choices might appease him

Here are a few concerns going into my first meal prepping experience:

  • Could it be costly?
  • Container outlay costs at the start
  • I could potentially miscalculate the food costs and we starve
  • We might lose interest/stop doing it when things get back to normal
  • SO will not eat it
  • SO will consider it “not fresh enough” for him to eat
  • SO will leave it in the fridge
  • SO will think I am trying to fatten him up
  • I will get fat from my own cooking
  • Worried certain foods may not keep in the fridge or freezer
  • Meal prepping won’t be satisfactory to keep us full

Either way, i hope this week of meal prep works out for us. I am looking forward to seeing the results.