I’ve been in a recent pickle with my business being slow to generate sales. This time more than ever, I need to be making more sales. My current concerns are about staying on top and I don’t want my products to be stale and for interest to be lost.

So I am using my postgraduate facility to find myself a mentor! It’s a free service and I feel not only could I benefit learning from a successful mentor (who also has entrepreneurial experience) but also a bit of a confidence/corporate boost. When doing the postgrad stuff this year; I feel like I don’t traditionally fit in the pigeonhole of being a corporate person. I hate the idea of doing a lifetime in corporate career and I see it as a means to the end – without being soul sucking. I am leaning more towards entrepreneurial skills and being my own boss. Breaking the mould woo!

At this stage, I know I need to work corporate to achieve my entrepreneur dreams on a full time basis. And my business is doing quite well but I want it to do better and to be able to live off it.

I am hopeful to find the right mentor (if I can get one) and getting some skills and learning – because that’s what I’m about. Plus I like making my own money….😀😀😀


Meal Prep Days 1-4

SO and I are in the early days of doing meal prep. These last few days have really been experimental in the menu. It has been a bit hard going from cooking fresh foods to having an extremely limited budget and pre-making a lot of stuff.

I ended up mass cooking over a couple of days – also because I am somewhat lazy when it comes to weekends and didn’t want to slave over a stove every night. I ended up making these meals for SO and I:

  • Chicken curry with homemade sauce and rice (with corn in it)
  • Chicken fajitas without the bread
  • Korean rice and kimchi
  • Lamb chops
  • Kale salad

By no means did my meals look like they were Michelin star quality or plated like you were going to Heston’s fat duck. But I did a pretty good job (with the curry in particular) for a newbie.

During the cooking process, my main concerns were making sure we were eating an appropriate mix of veg with meat and side things like rice or pasta. SO had previously told me that he didn’t think pasta or rice could keep very well in a freezer. So when it comes to pastas I am a bit nervous about wasting money on freezing them. SO has discovered that cucumbers don’t freeze very well. I was surprised by this, because I thought being made up of mostly water, cucumbers would bounce back into shape when they were thawed out. To be honest, I thought the kimchi wouldn’t survive but SO checked it out for me and said it looks ok. Regardless of when it thaws out – kimchi is still going to burn all your holes😀😀😀 Plus it is really good if you have an upset stomach.

I am also confused (because I read/saw different things online) do you freeze or fridge prepped meals? Currently we have been freezing them. I would hate to be accidentally spoiling food.

At the moment I am still going to do the meal prep until my financial situation changes.

Meal Prep Days 1-4